Friday, January 1, 2010

Forgiveness and a lot more!

The end of a year is always a time of reflection for me. I often think about the meaning of the holiday season and how we can grow in love and forgiveness. The intention of this blog is to begin a dialogue which will help us learn how to grow in consciousness and forgiveness and to understand what this looks like from a spiritual, psychological and neuropsychological perspective.

For the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my thoughts on forgiveness and how it touches not only our personal lives but how when we can hold forgiveness in our hearts we can also be part of the healing of nations. I would like to invite all of you who read this post to share your stories of forgiveness, including your struggles, where you got stuck and how you were able to overcome your difficulties. For those of us who have been able to forgive, sharing our difficulties and the gifts we received in being able to forgive can help inspire others who may be struggling with their own difficulties. What books are you reading, what stories do you have to share, and what cutting edge research to do you know about? I want to hear from you.

I also welcome stories where some of you lived through group violence, genocide or war and how you were able to forgive the unimaginable. You can share any forgiveness story here or submit them to my website in its entirety. My hope is that for the next few weeks we can go through a journey together and be part of a growing group of people who not only want to change consciousness within themselves but within the rest of humanity. Are you ready?

I also want to invite you to visit the blogs of some wonderful people, all of whom are members of the Arizona Chapter of the National Speakers Association. We are supporting one another in a month long blogathon and their sites are listed below. I do hope that you will visit them. Everyone is an expert in their field and I know you will learn a lot from them and have some fun as well. I encourage you to leave comments since starting a dialogue is how we enrich one another.

Let me know what you think. I look forward to our journey together and to grow in love and forgiveness.


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BIKE LADY said...


I think I have work to do in this area. Forgiveness is such a personal concept, and so important to personal growth. I look forward to reading what you have to say about it and seeing what I can learn. And I'm thankful you joined us in this year's Blogathon.

All my best,

Suzanne Holman said...

Although I have made huge strides in forgiving and letting go of old baggage... I am committed to another layer of release in 2010...
Physical stuff, emotional baggage, unnecessary "busyness"...
I look forward to following your blog this month and reading your thoughts and the comments written.

Stephahie Angelo said...

Sometimes I wish there were a bigger dictionary of words around "forgiveness". You've helped me understand, from past conversations, that it doesn't mean we have to go back for more. It's okay to end relationships and move on. What word would we give that? "Acceptance"?
I know you'll have great insight in your future posts. Thanks so much Eileen.


Mimi Meredith said...

I believe so strongly in your work, Eileen! I agree that forgiveness fosters peace. We have to free up the space inside our hearts for understanding (not to be confused with agreement!) and it doesn't happen unless we practice forgiveness first.

Thanks for all the work you're doing. I'm eager to learn more from you!


Dr. Eileen Borris said...

Thank-you so much for all of your support and encouragement. Forgiveness is such an important concept and the more we can understand it and practice it in our lives the happier and richer our lives become.

Dr. Eileen Borris said...

Suzanne the process of forgiveness is like peeling the layer of an onion. Once we are through with one layer there is another right behind! I too look forward to your comments. There is so much we can learn from each other.

Dr. Eileen Borris said...

Stephanie, when I met with HH the Dalai Lama and interviewed him for my book "Finding Forgiveness" I asked him how he would define forgiveness. In Tibetan there is no work for forgiveness. The closest word was patience, tolerance and compassion. Forgiveness is about an inner healing which then enables us to accept.

Dr. Eileen Borris said...

Mimi, when we forgive we do have peace in our hearts and when we have peace in our hearts there is peace in the world. It all begins with us.