Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"To Forgive is not always easy"

There has been a lot written in the past few days concerning Senator David Vitter who has admitted embarrassing details of his past. It is very easy to get caught up in this story yet there may be a more important story concerning finding forgiveness which Wendy Vitter expressed. She reminds us that "To forgive is not always an easy choice." It is important not to judge why she has made that choice. What is important that she did make that choice. As she has already commented, it is not easy to forgive which says to me that she has gone through her own process of dealing with the difficult emotions and has recognized that none of us are perfect and that all of us are capable of prostituting ourselves in different ways. This is something very difficult to look at within ourselves but if we can, we have taken a step in our own inner healing as well as grown in the capacity to show compassion for others. In doing this we have demonstrated true forgiveness.

Eileen R. Borris
Author of "Finding Forgiveness"

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